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Noxinn club hotel

JPY Японская иена. Но отношение хорошее, окна выходили на море, вторая линия, но идти недалеко. Story, architecture. Многие гости особенно дети видя красивый цвет пробуют на вкус. Купить тур в рассрочку.

Детская площадка. Скрыть все услуги Показать все услуги. SPA и Отдых. Для бизнеса. На свежем воздухе. Стойка ресепшен. Удобства в номерах. Язык персонала. Отели рядом. Hedef Rose Garden Hotel.

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Алания, До Средиземного моря Турции м. Отель Royal. Алания, 3. Floria Beach Hotel. Отель Muz. Алания, 2. До Средиземного моря Турции 66 м. Отзывов пока нет. Цены на проживание в Отеле «NoxInn Club Hotel» будут зависеть от условий поиска: даты поездки, количество гостей, тарифы.

Чтобы увидеть цены, введите нужные даты. Какие способы оплаты проживания предусмотрены в отеле? Способы и сроки частичной или полной предоплаты зависят от условий выбранного тарифа.

Есть ли скидки на проживание в номерах «NoxInn Club Hotel»? Чтобы увидеть актуальные предложения, введите даты поездки. Для бронирования доступны следующие категории номеров: Двухместный Двухместный номер с 1 кроватью и балконом Семейный Семейный номер с балконом. Чем заняться на территории «NoxInn Club Hotel» в свободное время? Гости могут воспользоваться перечисленными услугами из списка ниже.

За услуги может взиматься дополнительная оплата. Сад Терраса Терраса для загара Фитнес-центр Частная пляжная зона. Чем заняться детям на территории «NoxInn Club Hotel» в свободное время? Игровая зона в помещении Детская игровая площадка Детский клуб Анимационный персонал Детское меню.

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Отель «NoxInn Club Hotel» предоставляет услугу парковки? Пожалуйста, перед бронированием уточните возможную дополнительную оплату и условия стоянки.

Количество гостей 1 взр. Отели на карте. Алания, Турция. Вы смотрели. Достопримечательности рядом с отелем. Парк Силанья Аланья. Реальное расстояние в пути может быть больше. Описание номеров. Описание питания. Описание услуг.

Спорт и отдых. Услуги для детей. Дополнительная информация. Время заселения. Время выселения. Информация, предоставленная на данном сайте, носит исключительно ознакомительный характер. Оставьте ваш отзыв.

NoxInn Club Hotel 5*

Оставить отзыв. Корфу о. Dirty, not well maintained, which is nonsense for a Turkish hotel, I have not met a single gardener for all the time. There is only one bar on the territory, the assortment is the same as on the beach - none. True, there is beer, but it is bottled in gr. If you do not count the foam, then 70 grams are placed in a glass. The bartender is in a dirty tunic like all the staff associated with the kitchen and products. We came to swim in the September sea, and I can splash around in bleach at home.

I put 4 with a minus.

Отель Noxinn Club Hotel 5* / Турция / Конаклы - фото, туры в отель

Minus for the fact that everything is very old, shabby and broken. The peeling was done so-so, but the Ethiopian chocolate massage was excellent, I enjoyed it. If you do at least one paid procedure, you can go to the sauna when and how much want. Well, since this is one of the few positive points of this hotel, every day we ran for half an hour to the SPA center, sit in the sauna. This is the biggest downside of this hotel.

We love Turkish food very much, but here it was one big upset. The cooks at the hotel are armless, just a translation of products, meat and fish dishes are not fried, with blood. The quality of the products leaves much to be desired, he personally threw out suspicious, "smell" dishes several times. I personally heard about a dozen stories from people about poisoning. The family that drove with us on the same bus got hurt all together, fell out of vacation for two days.

We are beaten tourists, we always have a first-aid kit with us, threw them medicines for poisoning at night, and in the morning, when local pharmacies opened, we went and bought them more different medicines, they themselves were not able to go out and they were afraid to go far from the toilet, in order to avoid accidents.

There is no dishwasher in the restaurant, the dishes are washed by hand, with barely warm water, and they are washed only from above, from below fat and food residues remain. A very cool picture, you go into a restaurant, everyone stands and rubs plates with napkins and swears. The dishes are all chipped and cracked, from previous seasons, 7 or 8 sizes, different colors. A constant problem with forks, people take spoons or dessert forks instead of forks.

In short, the kitchen is a complete ambush, we encountered this for the first time in Turkey. One thing saved us - drinking strong alcohol before eating. We brought two bottles with us and had to buy two at a local store. Expensive, of course, they have alcohol, but health is more expensive. No less than the kitchen killed the boorish attitude of the staff not all, but the middle level, in particular the reception staff.

When we were waiting for the settlement, we went to the toilet at the reception, and there A woman who later poisoned herself and whom we bought medicines for made a remark to them, to which this receptionist, who identified himself as Ilyas, said: "Welcome to HELL!

At first I thought that he just decided to smooth everything over and turn it into a joke, I look at him, and he looks at us contemptuously and smirks. I just freaked out. So I wanted to punch him in the face, but, unfortunately, it is categorically not recommended to do this in Turkey, it has already been checked, it comes out very expensive. Then this woman Tamara from Ukraine asks the second worker name is Gennady : - Would you sit on such a toilet yourself? Here you go. What rating for the service to put - decide for yourself.

Later, the hotel employees themselves told me why all this was happening in the hotel by the way, another plus of the hotel is that almost all the staff speak Russian. Naturally, a very busy person is engaged in politics somewhere in the capital. The hotel is rented out.

The lease is about to end. The money for the rooms has basically already been paid for. Therefore, everyone is fucked. The tenant, apparently, is not a very clean person in the sense of morality. They have already calculated their profit, so they cut everything as much as possible. There is not even hot water in the hotel.

Such a summer water. It is still normal for an adult to wash, but how do people wash children? Add dollars. We are sociable people with elastic, and in the process of communication we came across several people who are completely satisfied with the hotel, but in the process of communication it turned out that they were in Turkey for the first time and had never been anywhere except Crimea before.

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Although, I think that now in the Crimea, probably, the service is not the same as it was 10 years ago. For such money, it is probably better to go to the Crimea than to Limoncello. Yes, and healthier. So, you need to do the same here. Pros: sea, sun, walks in the evening there is a whole block of shops, about , sauna, spa treatments. They offer many excursions by the way, right in front of the hotel, all these excursions are half the price of the hotel guides.

So at least take the basics with you. Review of Nox Inn Club Hotel. For us it was the first trip in our lives. We were settled in a room in which it was not even tidied up and towels from previous tenants were lying around. They sent some kind of grandfather who took out the trash cans and replaced the linen. Everything was good except the cleanliness of the room. From the sea 10 minutes walking distance.

The beach of the hotel itself is stone, we went to another beach, where there was sand, and it was nice to go. The food is good, if you come early, you will have to queue for dishes. There was always enough food and variety. For the cost that we went to this hotel, I could recommend this hotel to my friends and relatives, but I would warn about problems with the rooms. Review of Limoncello Konakli Beach. I was wondering how such a hotel can be given 5 stars?

We flew for the first time and we were convinced that all this should be so. But after talking to people who have at least a little experience, they assured that this hotel is not more than 3 stars. There were a lot of questions. Especially when it comes to nutrition. There was almost no food on the beach. French fries in general were great, they are far from french fries. The hotel itself is large, very well built.

But it needs repair. There used to be another owner here, everything was fine. And now everything is running here. For those who want a budget holiday in a 3-level hotel - this hotel is suitable.

Questions 4. Tell me, please, what about the beach in this hotel? Reviews are very mixed. Is there really a rocky-concrete entrance???

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And are the waves strong? Thanks everyone! Do I need to bring an iron to the Club Konakli Hotel? Paid a fine.